Dear Colleagues!

    You are kindly invited to take part in the International Conference “Safety of Nuclear Research Facilities” to be held on May 22-24, 2017 at JSC “SSC RIAR” (Dimitrovgrad). The Conference will focus on the discussion of the operational experience and nuclear and radiation safety of nuclear research facilities.

    Conference Topics

  • Experience in the NRF operation and decommissioning (nuclear and radiation safety, safety barriers, dose rates, etc.), 
  • Activities to enhance the NRF nuclear and radiation safety;
  • Upgrading and reconstruction of the existing NRFs and construction of new ones;
  • NRF experimental capabilities;
  • Enhancement of the safety culture and NRF personnel training (status, pending issues, proposals);
  • RR SNF management (conditions of SNF storage facilities, SNF handling safety, pending issues).


     To take part in the Conference, please fill in a registration form before March 1, 2017. Plenary papers are accepted. A Book of Abstracts will be issued prior to the Conference. The due date for the abstract submission is March 20, 2017. The papers are to be submitted to the Conference Committee before May 12, 2017. No papers will be accepted after.

     Organizational Issues

  • The Conference Language is Russian (if necessary, translation into English will be provided).
  • You can take part in the Conference either as a speaker or an attendee (provided the registration fee is paid);
  • The Conference Program and a Book of Abstracts will be provided to the Conference Participants before the Conference Opening.



    If you need transfer, please send you name, arrival date and flight No by e-mail:  

Arrival date: May 21, 2017
Departure date: May 25, 2017

    Conference Committee

Chairperson   Alexander Tuzov
Chairperson Deputies  

Andrey Vorobey
Viktor Fedulin

Secretary  Svetlana Shipulina


     Conference Committee Members: 

Arkhangelsky N.V.       JSC “Science and Innovations”
Vinogradov A.V.          JINR
Vorontsov S.V.            FSUE “RFNC-VNIIEF”
Voronov M.V.              IAEA
Grigoryev F.A.            JSC “SSC RIAR”
Kursky A.S.                Kurchatov Institute
Russkikh I.M.             JSC “IRM”
Sikorin S.N.                JIPNR SOSNY        

Sapozhnikov A.I.         ROSTEKHNADZOR
Chakrov P.V.               RSE “The Institute of Nuclear Physics”
Shvedov M.O.             ROSATOM General Inspection